Two Notes About This Ugly Mugger of a Blizzard

Massive snow dumps have at least one common effect on both Montanans and New Englanders — they can prompt unexpected generous acts. I clear our sidewalks and drive with a (probably under-powered) snow-thrower and the street-plowed chunks at the bottom of the driveway were a good three-four feet high. Our neighbor hires a service to plow his areas. I’ve called them slapdash in the past, but never again. The plow driver, when he saw how I was struggling with the mounded-up snow, came down and cleared out the whole end of the drive for me. What a champ!

Friends who have seen our house will know what this means: the snow was so heavy and the winds so strong (gust of 66 mph recorded) that two 50-foot branches (and a dozen smaller branches) blew down from the white pines out to the side of our place. White pines can be magnificent, but I would never tell anyone to plant them. Endless needles and cones and they do seem rather inclined to snap.

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