Time Is By Your Side

Touching piece by Mark Caro on rediscovering Harold and Maude, and, well, the consistency of the self. (Which is rarely discussed because people are so fixated on how negative characteristics and attitudes can change for the better. Except they almost never do.) Have to add that I would be suspicious of the taste of any aesthetically-engaged person who rejected every favorite from youth — especially at least a couple that retained mixed reputations.

And the piece mentions Supertramp. Since almost nobody mentions Supertramp any more (which is part of my point), I should link back to a recent reply to a comment under a chuck Berry post. Supertramp were a key part of that false rock and roll trajectory. At the time, more than Journey more than Toto, Supertramp were supposed to be on the verge of becoming everybody’s all time faves — the step beyond prog. The hype machine was running on overdrive for those guys. But then scads and scads of people realized the ascendancy of Supertramp was something they all knew but didn’t believe or feel.

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