Finally Ready To Mourn Prince

Played something by him for the first time since he passed.

A double LP that came out exactly 30 years ago today, and a masterpiece — Sign “O” the Times.

On the revamped turntable, it’s never sounded so good. A party and a trip and a dream deferred.

2 thoughts on “Finally Ready To Mourn Prince

  1. Wow. That’s a long lag time, but to each their own. I couldn’t stop playing him for nearly a month after he died. Played almost nothing else. Also dug into some bootlegs I’d never heard. What a tremendous talent. His death hit me nearly as hard as Ornette’s.

  2. My responses is usually shaped by how much of a shock the death is. The times I’ve had no choice but to write about tragic, sudden loss I found it a very painful, remembered-in-sadness experience. (In a couple cases, the performers never quite recovered in my long-term playlists.) I’d known for a long time that Mere Haggard and Arthur Blythe were not doing well, so no problem digging into the catalog right away. I poured over everything Prince and just concluded — I’m not ready, but I will know when.

    The cleverest recent demise, of course, was David Bowie. It was a jolt, but I was already listening to BLACKSTAR, so there was no emotional barrier to digging back.

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