I Self-Diagnosed and Bad News —

I must have the flu (fever, runs, painful wracking coughs, overall sick feeling). I was smug, not an anti-vax zealot — most years I don’t even get a cold and can only remember serious flu a  couple other times. But I enter the at-risk category this year, and yep, from now on, flu shot every fall.

Cannot do the least bit of serious work.


One thought on “I Self-Diagnosed and Bad News —

  1. Lately every September or so I’ve had good luck with a flu shot at, of all places, Costco. Fifteen bucks and the Dr. likes my jokes, in fact he’s a “great crowd”!
    One year my pulmonary doc said I could get my shot right in his office, so I did. The young nurse caused my shoulder to have pain for the next six months, requiring physical therapy, for an errant needle placement.. They were going to submit a bill upward of ninety bucks to my insurance until I told them of my problem, whence they dropped payment proceedings.
    I just pay for it out of pocket at Costco, where they always tell you it will be about thirty minutes before the doc can see you. So when I have a list for the store anyway I go to the pharma window first and tell them I want a flu shot, then I wheel around the store for a while.
    Big variances on pricing for flu shots, all same strain I also suppose.

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