R.I.P.: Joe Harris, Who Made Underdog an Over DAWG

Another animation super-pro who had a long career and life. I don’t even begrudge him a phrase that probably helped ruin the health of who knows how many. And hey,  — [revision alert] one of my favorite kids jokes is under investigation since the original version I heard had nothing to do with rabbis, which would have meant nothing to me. {EDIT EDIT: The person I contacted who was around with me when we giggled at the joke said my memory was simply faulty — we were told that a rabbi was “a Jewish priest” and that’s what mean next to nothing. It does flatten the joke of course, but just the kicks are for Trids part was haw-haw enough. WHEW Over-explanation over.}

But Underdog stands out as having the exact dash of MAD satire to it. And one of the very best show themes in the history of cartoon TV:

Beware, there’s an odd number of bogus versions out there … this is like all variants.

(Notice how many buildings prominently display TV antennas. I now keep track of the three or four rusting, hi-tech roof antiques I know in our neighborhood. The past isn’t gone until it’s gone, right?)

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