A Rare Thrill From the Vinyl Stacks

Usually when I come across an item I did not remember I owned, it’s an ominous indicator. If I forgot this entirely, how good can it be?

Well, on rare occasions, it can be all-out terrific.

I’m playing and putting away vinyl from the treasure boxes reserved outside the warehouse. One such life-enhancer is Julius Hemphil’s masterpiece, Dogon A. D. — sounds the best ever with the revamped turntable. I hold Hemphil just a few shades of genius behind Ornette (they went to the same high school in Texas) and his version of free improv has his own streaks of blues and soul, every time out.

So I’m putting Dogon into its place in the main vinyl shelves and — hello? what’s this? — Julius Arthur Hemphil and the Jah Band, Georgia Blue (Minor Music, 1984)????:

I didn’t remember this existed, let alone that I had a copy.

(That it includes “Dogon II” is the ultimate kicker.) A very fine concert record — a gift from Spring.

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