One thought on “Maniacs Mob Together

  1. He has a song about legendary re-curve ( not compound) bowhunter Fred Bear, like Ted, from Michigan. Ted’s only good tune.
    His “hunting” show on cable? I can only take about three minutes of it, about the same amount of time I’ll waste with Faux “news”.
    No doubt the guy can play. No doubt he knows about hunting. But he’s always preaching; never teaching.
    Often he “hunts” on game farms, usually in Texas where the vegetation is overgrazed, kills hooved ungulates that seem half tame then brags to no end about it as he tries to evoke some sort of spirituality, “sacred back straps” he can’t wait to start grilling. His show is more laced with product promotion than any of the outdoor shows going. The most wretched part is that there are people that think he’s great and these people have kids. Thanks for a place to vent…..

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