Out Next Week #1 — Dominique Eade and Ran Blake: “Town and Country”

I’m such a sucker for pianist Blake and vocalist Eade I almost don’t trust my judgement here. But their collaborations glisten with intelligence and smolder with simpatico passion (Blake is an unsurpassed backer for singers as he’s more than a bit a minimalist vocalizer on keys). Their Whirlpool is a masterpiece, and this isn’t far behind. A bit more earnest for more serious times (one Jean Ritchie an album is enough for me). But I have another “Moon River” to add to my treasure chest of them; a delicate “It’s Alright, Ma” that works; Blake’s marvelous “Harvest at Massachusetts General Hospital” and his utterly essential tribute to the late Mr. Schuller, “Gunther.” Even the narrative passage on Charles Ives’s “Thoreau” is concise and on target.


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