Sweat Soundtrack #1

Two developments.

In Rome, the schedule pressured me into doing my workout first thing in the morning — before coffee even (changing clothes would have delayed the start of the day too much). Thought it would be painful, even a temptation to skip. Discovered there was really something to this business of eating nothing before exercise. Helped wake me up, dandy preparation for a long day of walking. So that’s what I have continued to do.

At home, I decided this week to make the soundtrack first thing in the morning strictly a crate dive into items not played for a goodly while (thrill of delighted rediscovery vs. yargh! what was I thinking?).

So, after the first entry, which was usual newie, here’s the list of oldies:


  1. The New Pornographers, Whiteout Conditions
  2. Stereolab, Sound-Dust (Elektra, 2007)
  3. Trans Am, Sex Change (Thrill Jockey, 2007)
  4. Various/DJ Christian Pronovost, Go Deep Miami 2005 (self-release) (a reminder of a highly eclectic dance scene from a dozen years ago in Miami, I have a couple other anthologies in this style and like them a great deal)
  5. Small Faces, The BBC Sessions (Fuel, 2000) (Rugged but right.)
  6. The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, Grounation (Dynamic Sound, 1990) (More peculiar and perfect each time I hear it.)
  7. Lanterna, Highways (Badman, 2004) (Closest thing to ambient and restful.)


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