Sweat Soundtrack #2

  1. Lagbaja, WebeforeMe (PDSE, 2001) Nigerian oddball with admirable ideals and an ensemble that is almost too pure-percussion for me. Redeeming feature: recurrent sense of humor. Here’s some scoop.
  2. Various, Give Peace a Dance: A CND Compilation (CND, 1991) Enjoyable, but more dated than I hoped in that most unfamiliar names on it are not remembered for a reason.
  3. Various, True Spirit: Tresor Berlin (Tresor, 2002). Euro take on Detroit Techno. On the relentless side, but runs over your objections like an electronic tank.
  4. Richard Thompson, Grizzly Man (soundtrack) (Cooking Vinyl, 2005). I agree this is most effective in the context of the documentary (a side feature of the DVD shows Thompson improvising the themes as he watches the footage). But the wide-open-spaces feel mixed with melancholy and just that wisp of ominous is irresistible. The movie is a masterpiece about how nature is itself, not anyone’s dreams or fears.
  5. Various, Sugar and Poison (Virgin, 1996)
  6. Various, Guitars on Mars (Virgin, 1997)
  7. David Toop, Sound Body (Samadhisound, 2006) (As many visitors will know the last three feature Toop either as compiler or performer.) Seem more eccentric than I recalled, though his sequencing is his own and Sugar is the clear pick. Must add that a fascinating bonus is that I swear even the most familiar tunes — many of them, anyway — are in subtle remixes that pull them into the undulating smokewaves.

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