Sweat Soundtrack #3

This is at least a couple weeks, since some of the discs lasted more than one session.

Various, Free Creek (Lake Eerie, 1973 — 2006 reissue)

Sonny Sharrock, Ask the Ages (MOD Technologies, 2015)

Various, Arab Spring (homemade compilation, 2011)*

  1. Amina Alaoui, “Hado”
  2. Zorah Lajnef, “Tounis Hurra!” (Free Tunisia)
  3. Shusmo, “Longa Nakreez”
  4. Pietra Montecorvino, “Dove sta Zaza”
  5. Arif Lohar & Meesha Shafti, “Alif Allah Chambey Di Booty”
  6. Okay Temiz, “Dokuz Sekiz”
  7. Natacha Atlas, “Batkallim: the Sun of Egypt”
  8. Velha Guarda de Portela, “Nascer e Florescer”
  9. Sao Paulo Underground, “Jagoda’s Dream”
  10. Matuto, “Retrato de um Forro”
  11. Cimmarron, “El Cimmarron” (the Wild Bull)
  12. Queen Ifrica, “Pot Still Haffi Bubble”
  13. Etara, “People Talk”
  14. Tiken Jah Fakoly, “African Revolution”

Various, Electrorganism 2010 (homemade, 2011)

  1. Leimer, “Aerial” (1980)
  2. Supernatural Hot Rug and Not Used, “Spa World”
  3. Earthmonkey, “the Breeder Belt Tar Hogs”
  4. Ghost, “Motherly Bluster”
  5. Giant Squid, “Megaptera in the Delta”
  6. Zodiak, “Sermons”
  7. Nels Cline, “Dirty Baby, Pt. 3”
  8. Mofongo, “Tumbao”
  9. Miridor, “La Roche”
  10. F/I, “Observation (The Eye on Top of the Pyramid)” (1986)
  11. Bola, “Versivo”

Various, Raucous Roll 2011 (you know the drill)

  1. Low Cut Connie, “Rio”
  2. Teddybears, “Rocket Scientist” (feat. Eve)
  3. Archie Bronson Outfit, “Magnetic Warrior”
  4. Yuck “The Wall”
  5. Old 97’s “I’m a Trainwreck”
  6. Cage the Elephant, “2024”
  7. Thee Of Sees, “Contraption/Soul Desert”
  8. The Kills, “Satellite”
  9. Gang of Four, “Who Am I”
  10. Ice Age, “Broken Bone”
  11. Middle Brother, “Middle Brother”
  12. The Rolling Stones, “Tallahassee Lassie”
  13. Wild Flag, “Racehorse”
  14. Neil Young & the International Harvesters, “Grey Riders”

Various, Offbeaten 2011

  1. Rainbow Arabia, “Boys and Diamonds”
  2. Ponytail, “Easy Peasy”
  3. Cheer-Accident, “Empthy Province”
  4. Red Eye Fugu, “Prophecies (I Don’t Mind)”
  5. Infantree, “Speak Up”
  6. Gang Gang Dance, “Romance Layers”
  7. Hazmat Modine, “Child of a Blind Man”
  8. Led Bib, “Winter”
  9. Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures, “Return of the Magnificent Spirits”
  10. John Hollenback/Orchestra National de Jazz, “Boom/Bob Walk”
  11. Jason Miles/DJ Logic/Falu, “Viva la Femme”
  12. Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, “Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing”

Slobberbone, Slippage (New West, 2012)

tUne-yArDs, Whokill (4AD, 2011)

Kinsky, Down Below It’s Chaos (Sub Pop, 2007)

Parquet Courts, Content Nausea (What’s Your Rupture?, 2014)

Various, World Music 2008: All Over the Map (another homemade)

  1. Jeff Stott, “Sono”
  2. Nguyen Le Duos, “Byzance”
  3. Alex Cuba, “Agua Del Pozo”
  4. Ervena Orgaeva, “Kotush”
  5. Golem, “Train Across Ukraine”
  6. Fanfare Ciocarlia, “Kan Marau La”
  7. Nawal, “Kweli II”
  8. Eljuri, “Jaula”
  9. Beto Villares, “Icerteza”
  10. “Excelentes Lugares Bonitos”
  11. Colomriafrica, “Mystic Sound System”
  12. “Mama Africa”
  13. Afroreggae, “Benidito”
  14. Choro Ensemble, “Gostozinhi (Tasty)”


*Obviously I ran across a stash of old year-end CDs that I hadn’t checked out in several years. What stuck me most is that I’ve had a change of mind regarding such collections. Back in 2011 I still believed I had to include what amounted to all the new releases I intended to keep. So the flow is often flawed — goes well for four-five tracks, then a jolt. My reasoning was “well, you gotta work with what ya got.” Trouble is, I discovered that I didn’t return to these retrospectives very often, didn’t even put them on for guests. Even though I still cheered every single track included. So my newer collections don’t include all the goodies, but are selective and designed for flow. After all, I want the less-fanatic people on my list to play them on occasion.



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