The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool #23

Go To Blazes, any time … anywhere (East Side Digital, 1994)

Live shot

This album does not send you crashing and tumbling down the cliffs from the start, but by the time you get to track three, “Between the Eyes,” you understand these guys know how to rock and roll. And have a gift for hooks ‘n’ riffs that fit with solos, number after number. In the way people talk about things nowadays, I would invoke Neil Young and R.E.M., and claim a huge influence on Drive-By Truckers, but the whole history of pre-’90s rockabilly, country stomp and trippy roots-noise is here and operating. Also, the persona Go To Blazes presents is appealing and gains layers as the album goes on. Out of control but not reckless, lovelorn but not whimpering or grunting. And the program! I’m particularly fond of songs that link one to another, and any time … anywhere does not falter. Plus — terrific cover photo. Plus plus — invokes Jason Robards.

Band history.


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