Comments on “Poochytown”

(Contains, you know, spoilers.)

Jim Woodring has said he’s trying to wrap up the extended narrative of Frank’s adventures in the Unifactor. Which is fine — I think series of stories come to natural ends. Continue to be amazed he keeps coming up with key, unresolved questions about his characters. This time around, it’s a definitive exploration of what’s wrong with Manhog. We’ve seen the animal-human do good before, even become civilized and refined. So take it to the next level — what if he became friends with Frank? Situation begins with Frank making it plain to the, uh, I call it Nightmare that he doesn’t want Manhog destroyed, just kept at a good distance. As Frank and Manhog begin hanging out, Wooding does a fascinating job of showing how Manhog is not evil, but quite bestial (eats baby birds) and plagued with Really Bad Karma (weird, negative things keep happening to him, and those around him, all the time). He’s cursed. You feel sorry for him. But the smart move is to keep him way, way over there.

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