Final Vintage Mixdisc Summer 2018

I think this one works pretty well for 12 years old … (Obviously the year I first checked out Dead Moon.)



  1. Black Angels, “Young Men Dead”
  2. Outrageous Cherry, “Shadow of My Universe”
  3. Dead Moon, “Dead Moon Night”
  4. Int’l Shades, “Shine On”
  5. The 88, “Hide Another Mistake”
  6. Dead Meadow, “Heaven”
  7. All Tomorrows Parties, “The Night Porter”
  8. DMBQ, “She Walks”
  9. The Kills, “I Hate the Way You Love” (Pts. I & II)
  10. Amusement Park on Fire, “Venosa”
  11. Dead Moon, “Johnny’s Got a Gun”
  12. The High Dials, “Save the Machine”
  13. Verbena, “Baby Got Shot”
  14. Sloan, “Flying High Again/Who Taught You To Live Like That?”
  15. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, “Pinhead Cranberry Dance”

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