The Air Is Still And The Light Is Cool #28

Various, Beserkley Chartbusters Home of the Hits (Castle, remastered and repackaged 2000)

We’re back/have arrived in times when anything can happen. A spontaneous Twitter conversation brought up Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers’ landmark MA number, “Roadrunner.” And then less than a week later, I swear it was a coincidence, I run across this compilation looking for a workout soundtrack.

And there’s more mess. I have qualms about the second (live show) disc on this compilation (too much Greg Kihn and Rubinoos — but nice chunks of Earth Quake and (!) Tyla Gang). But the first one gives a couple worthy tweaks to the now revered Chartbusters LP.

Some quick points:

Earth Quake’s “Friday on My Mind” (the lead-off track) is the definitive version of the tune. The passion, the fun, the pace can’t be beat. My favorite is that on Tuesday, “My Old Man looks ‘Good’.”

The Richman/Modern Lovers Rendition of “Roadrunner” is captivating for both insiders and outsiders. The power-lines image tickles insiders and fascinates outsiders. And of course, there’s more.

The Spitballs “Let Her Dance” is a definitive post-Prom-Night-Universal version of the number.

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