Hoarse-Rider Sobs

This is by far the most passionate and penetrating review of the new Springsteen. I read all the advance YAHOO!s, understood the concept as interesting enough, got the record and the first time through decided it had well-worked-out sounds. Then I started to hear the tracks as songs and stories and liked it less every time I played it and have no intention of putting it on ever again. I like ’60s country less than Joyce, and while it would be a bit much to expect a Springsteen version of Hank Williams Sr. or Jimmie Rodgers, if he can do a Pete Seeger/Woody Guthrie how about at least a Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson?

Joyce rightly highlights the biggest problem with the album — you can’t feel any of the characters as people or fictions. An upsetting and misguided direction change as bad as deciding the early E Streeters should turn into a big, psychoodoolic freak-out show.

3 thoughts on “Hoarse-Rider Sobs

  1. Thank ye kindly. I think he should have just done an album of Glen Campbell covers and be done with it (including Rhinestone Cowboy, because you know he totally wants to do that one).

  2. A couple points for your Twitter detractors:

    If a performer is incapable of a total misfire, he or she is also incapable of smacking the bullseye.

    The most intense fans don’t rubber-stamp looooove everything that comes down the pike. It’s a dull relationship, too much like your favorite brand of dish soap.

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