Addams Oddity

In the strangest coincidence of the summer, I was trying to clean up clutter in the basement when I ran across my stash of 1965-66 paperback collections (six altogether) of Addams Family cartoons by “Chas” Addams. Hadn’t looked at them in years and years and years. When they came out, coordinated with the surprise-hit TV show, I thought they were new, or at least kinda recent, not knowing they were from New Yorkers in the ’40s and hardback collections from the ’50s. I adored the TV show, but even as a 14-year-old, I found the cartoons dated and too mild — from an era when the bar for “weird” and “scary” was set awfully low. I must now add that the character Gomez has not aged well in the least. Plus, I was very confused that so many of the cartoons had nothing to do with the “Addams Family,” though they were being used to push the books. So I’m not exactly all wound up about this movie coming out in Oct. Do think pouring over the old paperbacks was an odd coincidence — worthy of a Chas Addams cartoon, maybe.

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