Thanksgiving 2020

Things I am thankful for in this thankless year.

  1. That I had a goofy, Surreal dream about a diesel truck delivered to the house rather than the typical horrifying/paranoid nightmares of the past months.
  2. That the Macy’s Parade with no audience was such a sad concept that I wasn’t tempted to watch for a moment.
  3. That rain that threatened to last well into the night ended early enough I would have no problem doing the T Dinner on the Big Green Egg.
  4. While I’m having a torrent of one anxiety attack after another (“it’s not getting hot enough soon enough, it’s not smoking right, these are taking too long, these will be overcooked!”), the Big Green Egg might as well have said to me: “Miles, Miles, relax! You could set all the raw food on the patio steps and I would take care of everything.” And everything came out wonderful, esp. our two-person favorite Thanksgiving Bird, pheasant.

A Little Animation Curiosity That I Shouldn’t Let Get Lost

Today I watched Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Amidst the torrent of references to alla this that and the other there was a Stan Lee cameo where he Ooops promptly got out of a DC feature.

I thought, “Yow, how tasteless is that? Guy’s dead!”

Then with research I realized I had missed the flick when it was new in 2018 and yeah, that was a live Lee. So, two questions:

How was I so out of it a couple years ago I never heard of this obvious animation hoot?

Was this the last cameo Lee did in any flick (caustic irony if true)?

Into the Twilight Zone with Charles Beaumont

Got the Penguin best-of paperback yesterday and so took the opportunity to revisit a trio of “Twilight Zone” episodes based on his works (where he also wrote the TV script).

“Perchance To Dream” (also the title of the paperback): masterpiece, deeply original (and very inventive with spare/ornate scenes). Includes a fascinating biographical parallel with his own serious illness as a young teen.

“The Howling Man”: near masterpiece that plays with your head by doing a switcheroo about “who looks crazy and who sounds crazy” about six times. Climaxes with an outstanding special-effects passage. Only big flaw — end sequence feels tacked-on. (Biggest plus — I had somehow managed to never see this before. I can tell it would freak out TV programmers in MT.)

“The Jungle”: Very strange. Startling when new, bit dated now. Has eerie parallels with “Prey” by Beaumont friend Richard Matheson, which was made into a TV show I saw last week. OOOOh, that Witch Doctah Magic.

Well, I’m Old …

May not live long enough for us to be rounded up by the Nuge Stormtroopers. But it’s heartbreaking enough to see it’s come to this. There really are as many pig-minded Americans as the countercultures have claimed. And, stuck with Two Major Parties, one of them has become outright Fascist.

Yeah, as I’ve said too, too many times, it really bothered me that they didn’t teach politics and history sanely in elementary school.

We never had kids.

Feel more certain than ever before that all the artworks I’ve gathered in part to pass on to the future will end up as radioactive dust …

R.I.P.: Sean Connery

The James Bond flick that splattered my young-teen brain all over the movie theater was Thunderball. I was quietly pleased that Connery chose to live around where it was filmed. Must admit that his James Bond, for me, was a kind of antimatter hero: I could never imagine being like him. I was impressed, but didn’t know if I liked him and knew I didn’t admire him.

Halloween Horror Watching 2020 Part 2: “Suspiria”

Another ’77 shocker that I did not see until today but that features music by one of my utter-top creepy-soundtrack outfits, Goblin:

This is a superb example of the “Evil School” genre of scary stories (and also might be called Classic Art-Punk Horror) and is hugely recommended, particularly for amazingly intricate and well-paced 20-minute finale. (Only complaint off the top of my head — the interlude with the “Witch Prof” seems gratuitous wack.)

Anyway, reputation has sustained over time (had no hint there was this recent remake, which forget it):