Unfunny Animals

Just saw as much of the rebooted “Duck Tales” as I could tolerate (about half an episode). Pure franchise exploitation. At least Carl Barks isn’t around to see this.

[Edit] I think the strong difference of opinion between me and most reviews I’ve scanned depend on when you bought your ducks. See, I thought the original series was a cheap-down of the comics, so …

Expert Witness Comment for the Week

Suppose I’ll have to grab this “Bob’s Burgers” thing, as much of a longshot as it seemed. After all, it was 20 years ago this year I had similar surrender to “the Simpsons” on CD.

And I do have to note that it was “The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse,” two years before the Simpsons, that finally picked up that a main thing missing from latter-day cartoons was zippy, unforgettable music themes.

(Incidentally, I’m with Bob on the value of the cartoon itself — really has its moments, approve of overall intentions, but can’t remember a time I actively sought it out.)

Dawn Breaks Over Marblehead: Doom Patrol and Teen Titans

I mentioned the Doom Patrol years ago, but ignorantly didn’t understand how Beast Boy ended up in the Teen Titans. Then this week I saw a Teen Titans episode where they were battling an updated version of The Brain, the leader of the Doom Patrol’s archenemies, the Brotherhood of Evil. Waaaait a minute! How could I have dipped into Teen Titans for years (and enjoyed what I saw for the most part) and not realized they were an obvious reboot of the Doom Patrol! D’OH!! I mean, the Robotman/Cyborg parallels should have hit hard as a smack from an iron fist. The only character that’s halfway a stretch (so to speak) is Elasti-Girl = Starfire … and I now see there’s even been comic-book crossovers that I missed entirely (along with virtually all mainstream comic books since the ’90s). So everything makes sense now and there is a “later” Doom Patrol that I like. Whuddaya no.

R.I.P.: Joe Harris, Who Made Underdog an Over DAWG

Another animation super-pro who had a long career and life. I don’t even begrudge him a phrase that probably helped ruin the health of who knows how many. And hey,  — [revision alert] one of my favorite kids jokes is under investigation since the original version I heard had nothing to do with rabbis, which would have meant nothing to me. {EDIT EDIT: The person I contacted who was around with me when we giggled at the joke said my memory was simply faulty — we were told that a rabbi was “a Jewish priest” and that’s what mean next to nothing. It does flatten the joke of course, but just the kicks are for Trids part was haw-haw enough. WHEW Over-explanation over.}

But Underdog stands out as having the exact dash of MAD satire to it. And one of the very best show themes in the history of cartoon TV:

Beware, there’s an odd number of bogus versions out there … this is like all variants.

(Notice how many buildings prominently display TV antennas. I now keep track of the three or four rusting, hi-tech roof antiques I know in our neighborhood. The past isn’t gone until it’s gone, right?)