Brookline Incidents From the TAB

“a caller reported a coyote walked onto her property. She said she could hear several neighborhoods dogs barking.”

“a caller reported a bat was in her house and landed on her head.”

“police received a call from someone who was being chased by an aggressive turkey.”

“a caller asked to speak with an officer regarding a bad experience with aggressive geese following him. The caller felt the issue was a public safety concern.”

“police received a report of a group of turkeys creating traffic issues and attacking cars.”

“a caller reported their neighbor had installed a security camera that was aimed directly onto the reporting party’s deck.”

“a caller reported that she was chased by a coyote.”

Local Lunacity Incidents from the TAB

At 8:57 AM a caller reported there was a raccoon in their barbecue grill.

6:02 AM a caller reported she and her husband woke up to a bat in their bedroom. The caller is 36 weeks pregnant and the couple does not have any pets.

At 10:17 AM, a caller reported there was a little turkey in the snow on the sidewalk.

At 11:03 AM, police received a report of four young teens knocking snow into shoveled driveways offering to clean it up for $5.

Boston Traffic

There are some really, truly rude people in this city area. Five times meaner and more abusive than anyone I’ve encountered in NYC or anywhere else. Well, they do remind me of the couple times I’ve interacted with obsessed monsters on isolated cult farms in MT. Psychopaths. Loud. Crazy. Funny how it’s always in traffic situations here. Was gratified to hear somebody yell, “Hey Tough Guy, yer just supposed to pass him.” (And let me park parallel.)

Ultimate Korean Pear Appears

This is for folks in Boston area (or anybody who can find this brand) — the largest, most delicious and easily eaten Singo Korean Pear (sometimes spelled Shingo) has suddenly appeared on the markets here. We found it in an Asian supermarket in Union Square and then, more exciting, at Russo’s in Watertown.

This is the one you want to get. Easy serving for two or even three people. No hint of odd bitterness or uneven texture. Yummy.