Grace for Lady Grace

Retail is tough. Everyone can do their best and still come up short. Several businesses are leaving our closest retail center. Don’t feel the same about all of them (the less said about Panera Bread the better), but there’s a tinge of sadness about Pier 1 and, especially, Lady Grace.

The store display windows were discreet enough you wouldn’t suspect their emphasis on lingerie, but they featured what I consider my Mother’s biggest breakthrough idea: there was a shortage of fashionable clothes for older women. You shouldn’t have to choose between inappropriate youngster-imitation and frumpy. I thought Lady Grace did an especially good job with such outfits and sensed it was a place where Mother would have been glad to work.

But the same tides of taste affected both Pier 1 and Lady Grace. The accessories, decorations, furniture and doo-dads in Pier 1 were ahead of their time in quality and affordability when I first encountered the store. But it’s now an outdated form of funky-but-fun. And likewise, the past couple-three years, Lady Grace has looked more out-of-step than before. Happens often. But like I say, it’s tough.

Little Cheer-Up Tricks For a Deep Gray Day

One is to try to think of something you’ve done right in your life that you would no longer have a chance to do.

Today, I will settle on my beard choices. Had a short full one, trimmed but not excessively so, for about eight years. Should have had more photos taken and it’s too bad it would reek of cigarettes sometimes. But, when I was done I was done, shaved it off and have not missed it since. And the white one I could grow now would only make me look ancient.

My Favorite Manniquin


Which we saw this afternoon at this fine exhibit at his alma mater …

PS: I also learned this afternoon that Kenny Scharf made a 23-minute animated pilot for Cartoon Network in 2002. But the excerpts I’ve been able to track down online indicate it was quite the dud. Drawing on cartoons for your art does not mean you know how to make cartoons. Just like making superlative cartoons does not indicate you can turn out excellent paintings.