Couple Things That Really Improved in My Lifetime

If only to counter general shadows and doubts …

Store-bought food for dogs and cats — dogs especially — now amounts to something they actually enjoy eating and is better for their health (though we have not had pets for decades). Ranch-raised dogs in my youth looked tortured as they fought off starvation by snarfing meat-flavored grains. And I remember vets repeatedly telling us how many cats came in with digestive disaster because they weren’t fed properly. One unfortunate side effect was that our dogs were all terrible dinner-table beggars — amusing on occasion, annoying more of the time.

As a kid in bed, all I had to fight off the most extreme cold of winter was enormous feather quilts. I felt smothered and couldn’t move properly. Then came the miracle of the electric blanket. Wasn’t as heavy, for sure, but felt as natural as sleeping on a hot frying pan. With modern materials, you can enjoy a couple light layers extra that keep you snug as you want. Whew.

Keep It Quiet, But This Is Where To Eat Out Friday Night, Pt. 2

Good thing here is that takeout is easy and quick.  Even if the place is packed. (Seats in the front room are chilly in winter.) They can make food spicy-hot enough to crisp your tongue if you want, but there are lots of mellow dishes. We adore the BBQ skewers (no organ meats, tho, pls.) and the non-spicy salads are genius. Anything with lamb comes recommended. Friendly, well-mannered staff.

EDIT: the link works fine for me, but if anyone has trouble, just search for “Wow Barbecue”

Keep It Quiet, But This Is Where To Eat Out Friday Night

Boston area … all the good places are zoos, riots, mob insanity this night.

Here’s what you do — head out for this place. I won’t lie: it’s a bit tricky to find and parking is a chore.

But everything we have tried on the menu has been a delicious, very down-home treat.

Plus, it perfectly solves Jack Spratt problems —

I can’t eat spinach. Very rich flavor wilted spinach is a side perfect for D.

D cannot bear pickles. I love them. Deep fried pickles (with a luscious, not-real-fiery Sriracha dipping sauce) is a generous side. (I’ve enjoyed leftovers for three days). (Yes, the Remoulade Sauce has been replaced.)

It’s small, mostly breakfast and lunch hours, but can be shared with the discriminating.

Trust me on this one.

Roma Holiday #pre-5(a)

I’m trying to get the food pix together in the midst of returning to normal routines, a grinding update of trash collection where we live, the most writing I’ve been asked to do in a long time, catching up like crazy with music, and so —


What I have to offer tonight is: when in Rome, eat the octopus. I don’t think it’s only the sensitive and nuanced preparations, I think the animal itself from the waters there is sweeter and a couple shades richer in flavor than the ones from the Northeast US. Very complex creatures.