Tax-Time Therapy Soundtrack

These are the albums we used to soothe jangle first in the morning and last at night while struggling with the yearly accounting challenge (alphabetical order):

Biosphere, Patashnik (Biophon, 2016)

Carla Bley/Andy Sheppard/Steve Swallow, Trios (ECM, 2013)

Carla Bley/Andy Sheppard/Steve Swallow, Andando el Tiempo (ECM, 2016)

Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio, Thwirl (Sunnyside, 2013)

Delerium, Spiritual Archives (Hypnotic, 1997)

Erik Friedlander, Block Ice & Propane (Skipstone, 2007)

Personally Complex First Listens

So, we have Kid Creole & the Coconuts Live in Paris 1985 (Rainman). Written about Dr. Buzzard and this band, well, more than once. On this blog, even.

Then we have a new studio album from Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet, WhenUFindItUWillKnow (self-released). He’s been a captivator since I heard his debut way back in the day and I know I’ve done at least one piece about him, but cannot track it down online. Perhaps lost in the vanished mysts of

Exciting to simply make up my mind about these.

You Are What You Bot, Not What Bots You

I got a malware pitch this week that tried to ask me “If I had any advice to blog writers.”

Sorry, evil machine, no direct response to you. But not the worst question. Because a quite simple answer came to me, which was of course an intention of the twisted bot pitch.

For me, blogs are:

Not Confessional

Not Confrontational

Are Conversational

Basically, the oldest message I’ve sent out on the Interwebs — don’t write/post/whatever you would not say on the open street where anyone could hear you. But try to hold an active, varied, funny conversation that entertains and provokes ideas and new interests.

I can do quick, informal reviews of whatever I want here, old or new. And I’m very gratified that these are now considered real journalism of very informal sort. That’s fun, and the fun is what I want to preserve.

Screw You, Old Dad Winter, We Give Thanks with White Breath

Despite 15 degrees and a stiff breeze that made the smoke swirl into my face, I opened the Big Green Egg and we grilled:

16″ rack of ribs

4 chicken breasts

a whole pheasant

16 Market Basket sausages

foil packages of sweet potatoes and regular spuds from farm stands

sliced red peppers and zucchini for everybody

And as always, I swear the BGE has some sort of supernatural intelligence that allows a frantic like me to cook a heap of food with minimal attention and still wind up just a half-hour late with Duke Ellington’s 70th Birthday Concert playing behind the perfect procescco.

Couple Local Chuckles From the “Brookline TAB”

From “Police Incidents”

First, a classic Students Are Back muck-up:

“At 11:13 AM, a caller reported that a couch was stolen from outside their apartment door. Later in the day, the caller reported finding her couch in another apartment. The resident said his roommates must have brought it in and the caller insisted it was her couch, according to the report.”

Next, some Street Surrealism:

“At 4:30 PM, a caller reported that a man approached the caller and her friend, asked to use their cell phone and said he needed to speak with Herbie Hancock, the jazz artist.”