“I’m Not Trying To Win the World …”

Third year of decline in overall visitors and views of the Miles To Go blog (I do still regard the Donna Douglas blowup as distorting). Maybe it’s the decline of blogs as cool new things, or I’m not as fanatic about posting (2017 not as full of disasters as 2016, but this fall and winter have been hit by a couple terrible personal events — not to me), or that I never do nothin’ to make anything viral.

Whatever, I’ve become a quality over quantity poster and am pleased to note that one of the type of posts that jumped up this year is “The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool,” which are recommendations of less-well-known albums from the past that I adore.

Got one coming up tomorrow, I think.

The Current Dope on Snopes

One of my earliest favorite things on the interweb. I realized you could take a prime public temperature by seeing what rumors were taking hold currently. I noticed Barbara Mikkelson’s entries disappeared quite a while back and I wondered what the hell had happened. Too bad she’s out of the picture — enjoyed her wry humor touches quite a bit.