End of an Era for Cuneiform

One of my all-time favorite labels.  Intelligent, experimental, all high-quality even on the rare occasion the music wasn’t my thing. Thanks to all — esp. ace publicist Joyce — for generous promotional material and enlightening sounds for many years.

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R&R Hall of Fame 2017 Pt. Two

Aw, nobody but dear Iago wants to play. Oh, well …


My votes were:

The Cars (who got in)

J. Geils Band (yeah, Bosstown loyalty, but also because they were the first band from this place that I can remember going crazy for)

MC5 (it was this or Link Wray — both suffer from not being familiar to young’uns)

The Meters

Sister Rosetta Tharp (my other score)


(Ooops — almost forgot …)

The outfit I would vote for last is Bon Jovi — never heard a moment that I didn’t think was a degredation of its sources.

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame 2017

Time to play this year’s Hall of Fame Game.

Here’s the (pre-selected) list of performers I had choose from — five selections.

Bon Jovi

Kate Bush

The Cars

Depeche Mode

Dire Straits


J. Geils Band

Judas Priest

LL Cool J


The Meters

Moody Blues


Rage Against the Machine

Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan

Nina Simone

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Link Wray

The Zombies

So … who did I vote for? (Hint: I got at least one selection into the Hall this time.) Bonus question: who on the list was I absolutely least likely to pick?


R.I.P.: Fred Cole

Lifelong incarnation of “indie spirit rock and roll.” I discovered him and Toody when they were playing a Pierced Arrows album at Rockin’ Rudy’s in Missoula and I asked “who in the hell is this dandy item?” It was some early version of Straight To the Heart that doesn’t look like the one you can get now. Loved it, but sat around in ignorance until I read this definitive presentation by Bob Xgau. The double-CD is clearly where to begin, but I wanna snatch up anything I can find by Fred and Toody.

Expert Witness Comment for the Week

About an item from last week’s, actually.

Now that I’ve listened to the American Epic box, I have to underscore that you need to get it for the sound alone. This is the way I’ve always wanted these vintage sides to be. I’ve never heard the voice-to-voice and voice-to-instruments relationships so natural and consistent. They’ve been cleaned up and clear before, sure, but voices and instruments in particular seemed out whack even so. Not here.

I’m not enough of a tech head to have anything to say about the methods used on the recordings, and it may be too late in the game for the recording industry in general, but at least these sides are here.

Made Peace with a Piece of the Past

Wearing my “rock.com” t-shirt today and feel happy and confident. For eons it stayed stashed away in a box because it represented an exciting professional future that never came to pass. I was haunted by the feeling that we made mistakes, if we’d only caught a couple lucky breaks, the operation could have been a thumping success. After all, we were unbound by print from the start. But the Leviathan future for the internet now looks inevitable and Google and Amazon stand revealed as mean as any giants.

Now I simply remember the fun. Best salary I ever made. Tickled to be headed into work every day. Talk directly to the wondrous music fans.

Yeah …