I’m So Stuck in the (Old) Mud

Was at an event with media-design crazies who work all day online, who were explaining their methods and motions to a crowd of about 40 UX fascinateds. The panelists mentioned Medium a number of times (with notes about its shortcomings as a source of information). So I told my whole story about Medium and my “How I Capture Rapture” piece and how they stopped paying people.

Did I say who I was? No.

Did I name this blog? No.

Sure hope this is (Old) Beauty Mud.

A Small But Wonderful Occurrence

Digging through boxes again this PM, I came across an 11X14 photo of Patti Smith cutting up in concert. Must have been something the Boston Phoenix was discarding — they would chuck old photos on occasion when storage space got too tight. It’s a marvelous shot and is captioned “Patti Smith at Jazz Workshop — Jan. 9, 1976”

And then, lo!, I discovered that the show was recorded as an easily available and not expensive bootleg! —


Guess what I’ve already ordered …