If We Don’t Talk About the Top Secret, It Doesn’t Exist

I’ve mentioned the mad mentality created by the Nuclear Era several times on this blog. Charlie has just done a piece that underscores how ongoing the insanity remains. I would particularly like applaud the nightmarish truth of the Garry Wills quote about the Ground Zero of Modern Secrecy. Wow, Another Fun Report

Maybe a Little Sappy, I Donno

My understanding, from the first I began to think about girls as partners, is that affection and love centers on peace and contentment. As many shared worlds as possible. Intimacy is an escape from the anger and jagged tone of the best day-to-day, let alone the worst. It makes you stronger together. There is a huge torrent of art in all media that reflects this.

Of course, there is a smaller, plainly more obsessive, current of art in all media that reflects the opposite. This is all psychopathology on a sliding scale: slap is fun; beat to pulp is fun; strangle is fun; slash and cut to pieces is fun. Touching on this is not wrong, in fact even worldly. Embodying it is different.

If you got intimate violence out there, I don’t want you to have no control over me whatsoever.

Information Needs To Make a Buck

Excellent essay on the unavoidable eclipse of “free” journalism. I’ve known this was coming since Amazon devoured Rock.com by starting to sell recordings. I would only add one of the sorriest culture currents I know: deep down, too many people think writing, even journalism, is not real work. As McArdle notes, they have no idea.