Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #70: “The Last Temptation of Elvis”

Yeh, dug this 1990 compilation out the depths in the basement for a workout soundtrack. Pretty damn good and a must for fans of the Pelvis. Esp. since it takes on the always-wobbly notion that his movie numbers were tripe.

Here’s the scoop on it.

Starts out with the Boss doing an absolutely tone-right and funny as hell “Viva Las Vegas,” and Sydney Youngblood way beating the odds with a tone-right reading of “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear.” Not everything works (Holly Johnson, “Love Me Tender,” PU) but there’s only about four subpar tracks and the set reminds you how much ferocious energy and badass rock-and-roll-timing bands like Fuzzbox and the Cramps could have. The final track selection and presentation is perfection. I would argue part of why the collection works is that, far as I know, all the players were alive and well and apprehending Elvis when he was King. You know what to do.

Altamont at 50

A nuanced, intricate look back that I think is quite necessary.  Some thoughts:

If you were stuck in the sticks as I was, it took years to piece together exactly what happened, period. Could not have imagined that I would get to a place where, after I found out they wanted $700 for a ticket to their latest concert, the Rolling Stones were performers I could hardly bear to think about.

The worthy move now is to step away from the monster villains Hell’s Angels, the tainted, tormented, tortuous superstars, the cosmic cultural moment and focus on the key victim. And never again imagine that Meredith Hunter died because he waved a pistol around.

Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #69: Electrorganism 2010

Mixdisc I made that I ran across in that pile of books and CDs on the floor of the office. I particularly like the slow-build numbers at the start, then the program gets rather wacked-out before calming down for the finish. But at any rate, it’s Very Me and here it is:


1. K. Leimer, “Aerial” (1980)

2. Supernatural Hot Rugs Not Used, “Spa World”

3. Earthmonkey, “The Breeder Belt Tar Hogs”

4. Ghost, “Motherly Bluster”

5. Giant Squid, “Megaptera in the Delta”

6. Zodiak, “Sermons”

7. Nels Cline, “Dirty Baby, Pt. 3”

8. Mofongo, “Tumbao”

9. Miriodor, “La Roche”

10. F/I, “Observation (The Eye on Top of the Pyramid)” (1986)

11. Bola, “Versivo”


Number 10 is a special goodie for “Gravity Falls” fans.


Final Note on Tomi Ungerer

Got and read (the whole whopping 32 pages) his flat-out children book, Crictor (1958). I feel I have enough of his stuff now. Points:

Lovely that it’s set in a “little French town” where he can get the costumes and shops and landscapes intriguing and correct. Especially fun parts include: Madame Bodot feeding her “baby” boa constrictor milk from a bottle; knitting him a long wool sweater to wear in the snow; his diverse and clever interactions with French kids; and of course his foiling of a burglary in Madame Bodot’s apartment which makes him a snake-hero. Especially weird part: Madam Bodot being tied up and gagged by the thief reminds you of Ungerer’s bondage proclivities.

The ages recommended for the book are 4-8 and I was 6 when it came out. Wish I had read something by him at that time. Can’t imagine my reactions. But I know why he didn’t turn up in my elementary-school bookshelves.

The teachers sensed he was weird. Could cause waves.

Hear Crictor read.


Personally Complex First Listens

So, we have Kid Creole & the Coconuts Live in Paris 1985 (Rainman). Written about Dr. Buzzard and this band, well, more than once. On this blog, even.

Then we have a new studio album from Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet, WhenUFindItUWillKnow (self-released). He’s been a captivator since I heard his debut way back in the day and I know I’ve done at least one piece about him, but cannot track it down online. Perhaps lost in the vanished mysts of

Exciting to simply make up my mind about these.