R.I.P.: Kate Millett

Cornerstone spirit and thinker. I had puttered around in The Second Sex during my exploration of French lit in high school, but ultimately found it too arty and indirect (the translation seemed terrible, too). Millett’s Sexual Politics came right out and said it. Unless you were a sex-stereotyper yourself, her arguments were undeniable. That my mother had always been a working professional probably helped my understanding. Also had a growing conviction that “the Revolution” was freeing men while leaving women in chains.

Musicends, Valentine’s 2017

Early: Joy of Cooking/Joy vinyl for the first time in years.

Late: New album by the Feelies.

Joy of Cooking changed my life at the start of the ’70s. (Wow, that debut album was a lot stronger than I remembered.) And they don’t seem stuck in the amber of the past at all — they don’t sound contemporary, they simply raise a lot of male and female stories, issues and emotions that have barely budged from where they left off.

Feelies — very very pleasant, very very smart, couple twists in a grand twisty. But mission accomplished long ago.