Chuck Berry — And the Whole First Wave of Rock and Rollers — Have a Right To Be Pissed

Can’t be said often enough about a peculiar phenomenon I have never understood. The sex-terrified reactionaries of the ’50s wanted rock and roll to just go away — by banning if necessary. Send that monster Elvis into the Army. Send that threat to white women Chuck Berry to jail.

And damned if it didn’t work in a funhouse-mirror way. The rock of the British Invasion and later (up to a point) is annoyingly present (just consider the nonstop soundtrack we had to put up with while the car was worked on this Sat. — maybe the single most painful part was the inclusion of “I Wanna Be Sedated” like it was the hit it shoulda been). But the whole original wave of rockers is neglected except for oldies moments.

C’mon everybody (ahem), you can program that stuff right in with the Boss and related acts.

Odd Phenomenon for Your Friday

Reading a New Yorker article about the “purge” of old-timer Oscar voters I ran across a reference to a late-’50s novel called Home Before Dark. Sounded intriguing, so I decided to see if it was, if not in print, available at all. Turns out there’s a humongous number of books titled Home Before Dark:

1.Home Before Dark (Carolina Moon) by Christy Barritt

2.Home Before Dark by Susan Wiggs

 3.Home Before Dark by Susan Cheever

4.Home Before Dark: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories by Gary A. Braunbeck and Deena Warner

5.Home Before Dark by Bryant M. Kirkland

6.Home Before Dark by Ian Beck

7.Home Before Dark by Lilly Maytree

8.Home Before Dark… by Kim Vogler

9.Home Before Dark by Bluey Rogers

10.Home Before Dark by Polly Asbury

11.Home Before Dark: A Family Portrait of Cancer and Healing by David Treadway and Kate Treadway

12.Home Before Dark by Sue Ellen BRIDGERS

13.Home Before Dark by Margaret Johnson

14.Home Before Dark by Charles MacLean

15.Home Before Dark by Jo Hammond

16.Home Before Dark by Eileen Bassing

And, though there are more, I will stop there because that’s the novel that inspired the search.

“Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself”

I agree this is an incredibly important article and must be read. Makes sense of several key mysteries — including how Trump won without spending bupkiss on standard advertising. And indeed, the creepy icing on the freaky cake is that the article has not yet been officially translated from the original German.

Nothing Like Finding an 18-Month-Old Corpse in a House You Drive By Regularly

Quite the tale for this area. I will note only two things:

The yard was a lot messier than any of the others on the neighboring blocks. Though recently it had been peached up a bit.

There’s a detached garage you can’t see to the left of the house in the photo. It seemed every time I looked, any season, the door was open and there was a ’70s vintage vehicle inside — very nice model sedan — but caked, covered, crusted with so much dust and grime that it was a ghostly gray color. Weird.

Quick Psychological Footnote To “Birthday Weekend Soundtrack”

I have a vivid memory of first hearing that Parliament LP at a place and time when I could not possibly have heard it. But it’s not like a fantasy — it’s as solid in place as any other memory from back then. Even though I know it’s impossible. Like a little dollop of separate reality. I would have to argue that it did “happen,” in some sense.