Yeah, the UnScience Never Fails (And Hardly Changes)

This reminds me why I stopped doing pieces debunking pseudo-science in that the journalism exposes aren’t going to change anybody’s mind. The believers take such comfort and identity from their convictions that they are immune to persuasion. But I do think a vehement “What the fuck color is your car?!?” is a good tactic to shake up the faithful.

Memorial Mixdiscs, First Half 2018

This is a good time for a listen back. I don’t claim this is comprehensive by any means — just favorites and you have to stop digging through the stacks at some point if you want to finish the collection. As I noted just below, this is a strong year for vets and relative newbies and if those *@!!+% Parquet Courts had allowed their disc to be copied, they would also be included. (Yes, a couple tracks are longtime delights I rediscovered recently.)


Vol One

  1. Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet, “Ladilikan”
  2. Gilberto Gil, “Refavela”
  3. Nik Bartsch’s Ronin, “Modul 36”
  4. Bettye LaVette, “Things Have Changed”
  5. Ry Cooder, “You Must Unload”
  6. Tracey Thorn, “Sister”
  7. Superchunk, “Break the Glass”
  8. Yo La Tengo, “Above the Sound”
  9. Lori McKenna, “You Can’t Break a Woman”
  10. Victoria, “C’Est Un Tombeur”




  1. Ben LaMar Gay, “Uvas”
  2. Ana Moura, “Fado Dancado”
  3. Superorganism, “Everybody Wants To Be Famous”
  4. Jon Hopkins, “Singularity”
  5. Laura Veirs, “Seven Falls”
  6. Mast/Monk, “Misterioso”
  7. Anita Harris, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”
  8. Low Cut Connie, “Hey! Little Child”
  9. Grant Green, “I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up the Door I’ll Get It Myself)”
  10. Ana Moura, “No Expectations”
  11. John Prine, “When I Get To Heaven” 


R.I.P.: Glenn Branca

The Racket Rocker has left the building.

I had to admit I didn’t play him as often as I expected to — not least because almost anybody else in the room would go batshit within 30 seconds when I did. I treasure my vintage Theoretical Girls 45. I heartily endorse Lesson No. 1 for newcomers and for established fans, I must note that I played this record as often as any:

Poetry falling up and downstairs.