Top 12 World Music Albums 2014

This is a bit of a betrayal of my own principles, which require that “world” be included with pop, but this is a frank reflection of my hearing, which is that this was not a strong year for internationals, though plenty rewarding on its own.

1. Dalava, S/T (Sanasar)

2. Richard Galliano, Sentimentale (Resonance)

3. Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics, Jaiyede Afro (Strut)

4. Hailu Mergia and the Wallas, Tche Belew (Awesome tapes From Africa)

5. Juanito Pascual New Flamenco Trio (Self-released) (and I’m a damned hard sell on flamenco)

6. She Koyokh, Wild Goats and Unmarried Women (Riverboat/Real World)

7. Tiecoro Sissoko, Keme Borama (Kanga System Krush)

8. Zanzibar 8 — Rajab Suleiman & Kithara, Chungu ((Buda)

9. Various, Duduvudu — The Gospel According to Dudu Pukwana (Edgetone)

10. Various, The Rough Guide to Arabic Jazz (World Music Network)

11. Various, Riverboat Records — Music From the Source (Riverboat/World Music Network)

12. Girma Yifrashewa, Love & Peace (Unseen Worlds)

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