R.I.P.: Tom Verlaine

My all-time Guitar God and way up there as a songwriter.

Selections from the CD archives:

Television, Marquee Moon

Television, The Blow-Up

Television, Live at the Old Waldorf San Francisco 6/29/78

Television, Live at the Academy NYC 12.4.92

The Miller’s Tale — A Tom Verlaine Anthology

Excellent selections in followup article:

A gorgeous, poetic remembrance by the essential person:


R.I.P.: Jeff Beck

A hefty batch of early material — including the Yardbirds, absolutely — has a timeless, anything-goes freedom. But Beck had been in the slump dump for the last 20 years or so. And his latest, with Gilbert Grape — er, I mean, Johnny Depp — is so awful I couldn’t get through it even once.

My Earliest Angst

I was in First Grade and the class was going over to our daily “Reading Circle” when I spontaneously gave out a deep sigh.

“What’s wrong, Milo?” asked Mrs. Anderson, the teacher.

“Every day it’s the same old grind.” She gave a hearty laugh.

For the rest of the period, she called me “Grinder.”

(This was 1958.)

The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool #42

The Beatles, The White Album

This changed my life in 1968. Was dancing to it at a teenage party came a smashing realization that pop music was not just a sound that got you up and moving but an endless kaleidoscope of visions and reflections. I was fated to write about the form after that. Sound-improved single-disc reissues are the way to go. Numbah Nine nuumbah noone mkhbih neen …

Daily Dribbles

Heard a helluva historic speech today. Clear and potent, diverse and irresistible, dramatic and humorous.

Zelenskyy is The Man in every possible sense.

On an infinitely more minor note, the high point of Savoy Brown was the LP cover illustration for Hellbound Train.