Buckley and Mailer — FOSK (Friends of Sicko Killers)

Nicely balanced dual portrait of the right and left celebrities.

My favorite parallel between them is that both helped parole bright, psychopathic murderers who had flattered their egos in correspondence. (Such smart guys with such good taste in heroes can’t be monsters — nah!)

Buckley’s is less notorious than Mailer’s only because his attempted murder failed.

Is “Mars Or Bust!” a Bust?

Interesting discussion of the Martian-colony question. And indeed, the whole humans-in-space issue. I go back and forth on a number of points here. But I do want to underscore one notion that is not considered often enough — intelligence may require or lead to technology a lot less frequently than we can imagine.

Right here on earth we have porpoises, all but certain as intelligent as human beings, eternally happy without ongoing tech as we would understand it.

The Pioneer From Down Under

I, too, am very sad Lillian Roxon died young and has been forgotten.

Lilian Roxon’s Rock Encyclopedia

Yeeee-HA!! Now yer talkin’! Back in 1970, the coolest downtown bookstore in Bozeman MT had a copy of this and before I knew Bob and Lester, I knew Lillian. And I thought, wow, if rock and roll can be made this much fun in print, this medium’s got something going on for me. Even when she was wrong she was right and she made me listen to the Velvet Underground and the MC5. I was crushed when I heard she died.
Now I’m quite tempted to check out Robert Milliken’s Mother of Rock, the biography. Here’s to you, Ms Roxon — yours was one of the voices that made gettin’ out of the small town seem even more exciting.

Although I don’t think there’s anything sexist about it. Hers is the kind of book that when the author has been out of print for a long time, the work has to follow.

Because I’m a nice guy, I don’t have anything else to say about this piece.

Bye-Bye Brad Bird

I was gonna get into a big rant about Brad Bird’s plastic Randism and the true importance of what was lost with the concept of Tomorrowland (basically replaced by Forever War), but looking around I became convinced that everybody’s made up their mind already — this is more or less where I’m coming from — and really lost interest when I was reminded that the only Bird movie I’ve seen that I like entire (Ratatouille), was barely his project at all. But it is a testament to his talents that somebody could take over so late in the process of making a film and deliver a goody instead of a mess.