Jack Kerouac at 100

Would tell folks to read On the Road because it makes so vibrant and clear both how easy and necessary it was to rebel against conformity in its time. And its the source of all the highway-trip upheavals that included prominently Ken Kesey.

But the less-known work I would plug is the following. It’s both more personal and, since I moved to MA, more touching:


Another Richard Matheson Secret Truth

I watched the B&W 1964 “The Last Man on Earth” with Vincent Price in the super-predominant role. Yes, it’s the first film adaptation of “I Am Legend.” I concur with those who note it’s rather rough and rugged, but it’s gotten stronger with time (just imagine the late ’60s as a Vampire Apocalypse). And this goddamned war atmosphere now gives it a horrid fresh layer of terror. Delivers the blunt grim ending, too.

Recommended? I donno. If you want to add a fiction nightmare to the real ones infesting every moment.

Obit Note

Lot of sad news and uplifting memories flying around right now. Must note that I have to watch/listen to my favorite works before I blog comment. One of the good things about the format. I don’t have to write until I evaluate the past and the present.