My Oddball Salute To Ed Asner

Finally got around to it today. He plays the hero role in the quite violent and scary “Outer Limits” episode from 1963, “It Crawled Out of the Woodwork.” (Most certainly one of my Top 10 selections from the whole series.)

The Titian Dream

Agree with everybody — this is a must-view for those who can:

Felt like we were wrapped in a timeless meditation while we looked at the works. My eccentric observations:

  1. Titian loved, loved, loved painting dogs — the hunting hounds and prominent pets are serious competition with the nudes.
  2. I insist you can tell when artists actually believe in the monsters they render. Titian does a terrific job with the sea-horror threatening Andromeda, but doesn’t feel it was a real creature. There are a couple works in the Isabella Stewart Gardner where you know the creators felt demons and human equally.
  3. The restoration job on “Europa” is Absolutely. Gorgeous. The vigor and freshness of the new version cannot be overstated. From the come-alive sky to the second dolphin-monster that I swear you could not see at all before.

Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today Locked in the Tower #33

Amyl and the Sniffers, “Comfort To Me” (ATO)

Romping, raging, relentless — punk lives! When most of the cuts evoke lustful laughter (emphasis on both parts), you know this is my sort of ride. Yeh, the guitar work is sharper and tougher throughout. Throw in titles like “Don’t Need a Cunt (Like You To Love Me),” and … you must acquire this item.

R.I.P.: George Wein

The incarnation of a supremely clever and ambitious artistic entrepreneur. I loved the Press Dinners that announced the Newport Festivals. Wein was a star storyteller. He told the funniest imaginable anecdote about Miles Davis’s heroin addiction, which I won’t even attempt, because it has to be delivered with an ace imitation of Davis’s unforgettable croak.

(His autobio Myself Among Others is hugely recommended.)

R.I.P.: Charlie Watts

By far the most common theme I read in all obits/remembrances/whatever is that Watts (calling him Charlie seems wrong to me) did not fit in with the wild guys in the band. So my blog obit is not going to fit in, either, and is a quickie about why I never saw the Rolling Stones live.

Just out of college and living in Missoula, us crazy Stones fans knew about this upcoming concert in Colorado. Made a big production out of a small bunch of us getting together, driving down there and seeing the show.

For nefarious reasons I will not get into, the organizer of the trip took off with the others and left me behind. Insanely pissed off, I vowed I would never see the Stones live (though it has been pointed out to me several times that blaming the Stones was ridiculous), and I stuck with it, though I think there were at least a couple occasions where I could have done the deed.

Ahh — at least the show was not a goodie: