Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #66: Swamp Dogg

The album features another of his classic frank-and-practical titles: Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune (Joyful Noise). Only gotten through all the way once, but I have this to say already —

Remember that album Hard Again by Muddy Waters? Far as I’m concerned this is Swamp Again by a 75-year-old and if anything a more urgent and inspired re-creation of the wildman you love to love. Outrageous (and moving) kickoff: utter electrofunk reading of “Answer Me, My Love.”

I’d buy it for the sardonic-surreal liner notes.

And the photo of Dogg that shows he’s not flourishing because he’s in killer shape.

[SNORT!] Ridiculous

I see that my “Vampires: Cuties of Monsters?” post remains quite popular. So here’s a riff from the social-irresponsible era of comix that I will explain after the brilliantly realized cover image by William Stout:

Coke Comics.jpg

(Yow, is that 1975 enough or what?) Anyway, the character I want to celebrate as one of my favorite satiric name-riffs ever is “Nostrilachoo — the Cocaine Vampire.” He doesn’t appear until Issue #3 and comes back for a duller recycle in #4. But still …